A New Way To Clean Your CPAP: Introducing The Lumin UV Sanitizing System - CPAP Therapy & Sleep Apnea Center North East Calgary

What is the Lumin?

The Lumin was manufactured in 2018 and is advertised as the easiest, fastest, and safest way to clean your CPAP mask and water chamber. It is a CPAP sanitizing system similar to the SoClean –however, it uses UV light to kill bacteria, while the SoClean uses activated oxygen, or ozone. The Lumin uses the same disinfecting method as operating rooms and surgical centers throughout the world: a high-powered UV light that, within minutes, neutralizes and kills bacteria.

How do I use it?

Setting up the Lumin is easy. Like the SoClean, it comes fully assembled, and all you’ll need to do prior to use is pop open the front drawer and insert the lightbulb inside. To use the Lumin, simply remove your CPAP mask from the hose and place it in the front drawer, cushion facing upwards towards the light. Close this drawer and turn the unit on, and it takes only 5 minutes to fully sanitize your mask! The green light turns on to alert you when this 5-minute cycle is finished. To clean your CPAP water chamber, insert both pieces into the drawer and follow the same instructions.

Benefits of the Lumin

• The Lumin is versatile –cross slider product image not only does it clean CPAP supplies, it can be used to disinfect other household items like cell phones, headsets, toothbrushes, glasses, and more
• It kills 99.9% of bacteria, fungus, and mold in only 5 minutes
• The Lumin uses absolutely no harmful chemicals or messy liquids
• There is no maintenance or replacement parts involved in upkeeping the Lumin – the lightbulb is long-lasting and designed to last the duration of the machine’s life
• Some health spending accounts or plans may cover the cost of the Lumin
• It’s user-friendly and extremely easy to operate

Important Tips

• The Lumin does not remove any physical debris from items, so a pre-cycle wipe down of your equipment is still required
• The Lumin sanitizes the surface of items only, so as a result, it does not work for sanitizing your CPAP hose
• When the drawer is open, the Lumin automatically shuts off the UV light

Is the Lumin right for you?

As with the SoClean, it’s important to consider your lifestyle and needs before investing in a sanitizing system. Many enjoy the Lumin because of its versatility and ability to clean almost any household item and not just CPAP accessories. One limitation the Lumin does have is that is not effective in sanitizing CPAP hoses, so if this is something that’s important to you, then the SoCleanmay be a better choice. It’s important to have all the relevant information before deciding – for more of this information on any of the CPAP sanitizing systems we carry at Dream Sleep, stop by our office, e-mail, or call, and we’ll be happy to help.