The Secret To Getting Ahead Is Getting Started: CPAP Trials At DSR - CPAP Therapy & Sleep Apnea Center North East Calgary

The Secret to Getting Ahead is Getting Started: CPAP Trials at DSR

The road to diagnosing and treating suspected obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) can feel overwhelming, but CPAP trial periods at Dream Sleep Respiratory are designed with patient comfort, convenience, and wellbeing in mind. This is a quick guide for those looking to begin CPAP therapy, and what to expect in terms of process and symptom resolution.

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Step 1: You’ll need a Level 3 Sleep Study – this means you can do it at home!
In order to properly diagnose and treat somebody with sleep apnea, an initial sleep study is required. You’ll need a referral form from your family doctor, and a half-hour appointment at any one of our
locations. Here, we will ask you screening questions and show you how to use our take-home Remmers sleep recorder. Get started here.

Step 2: A Positive Diagnosis of OSA, a 4-week CPAP trial period
Once you’ve completed the sleep study and a respirologist has confirmed that you have sleep apnea, we’ll book an appointment to explain the results of your study, diagnosis, and treatment options in detail with
you. If you decide to pursue CPAP treatment, you’ll be set you up with one of our trial CPAP machines and a brand new mask the same day.

Step 3: Weekly follow-ups to ensure Symptom Resolution
During the four week trial period at Dream Sleep, one of our respiratory therapists will see you for weekly follow-ups to ensure that your symptoms are improving, and make any necessary changes to your
mask or CPAP machine settings. The goal is to ensure that before you take the next step and decide to pursue CPAP long term, your therapy is at an optimal level

The First Weeks: What to Expect (Symptomatically)
Patients undergoing a CPAP trial and showing regular compliance typically see an improvement in symptoms beginning as early as the first week of the initial trial period. Adapting to a new way of
sleeping is breaking a big habit, but is well worth making the effort for. Primary symptomatic results by patients during the trial period include:
 Increased energy throughout the day, reports of feeling mentally refreshed
 Overall elevated mood and increased concentration
 Decreased nocturia (nighttime urination)
 Reduction in or complete elimination of snoring – a bonus for your spouse or bed-partner!

Beyond the Trial Period
Beyond the trial period, it is common for patients to notice changes and improvements to more long-term symptoms. Post-trial period, with regular CPAP use, many patients typically report:
 Decreased blood pressure
 Decreased use of sleeping pills and other medications
 Decrease in cardiovascular and pulmonary related illnesses
 Increased memory function

We don’t forget about you once these initial four weeks are up. When your trial period ends and you become a registered patient at any of our clinics, complimentary follow ups are offered every 6 months to
ensure patient compliance, comfort, mask fit, and proper equipment function. Most insurance companies and plans will make provisions for replacement CPAP supplies such as masks and filters every 6 months
to ensure that patient therapy remains at an optimal level. Feeling like you’re ready to take the leap? Contact DSR today to book your consultation and make your dream of a good night’s sleep a reality!