Everything You Need To Know About Soclean

One concern that many CPAP users have is the amount of time and effort required to clean their CPAP equipment. Medical professionals typically recommend cleaning CPAP masks daily, while hoses and humidifier chambers should be cleaned at least once a week. But this routine can get old, quick – especially when trying to maintain your career, family, and household. Enter: The SoClean CPAP sanitizing system!

What is the SoClean?

The SoClean is an automated CPAP cleaning and disinfecting device. It allows CPAP users to clean their CPAP reservoirs, masks, and hoses easily and quickly, with no disassembly of parts required. The SoClean comes with the main unit (no assembly required), a power adapter, a small hose connected to the unit, and a filter kit.

How does it work?

This device works by producing activated oxygen and pumping it into the mask, attached hose, and humidifier to disinfect the equipment. Therefore, no water or harsh chemical agents are required.

As for the need-to-know user guide, using the SoClean is pretty straightforward:

• You’ll need to insert the hose from the SoClean into your CPAP humidifier tank (through the same place you connect your regular hose)
• Plug in the unit and set the timer: you can set the sanitizing cycle to repeat every day at the same time for the same duration. (5-10 minutes is all that is needed to completely sanitize the equipment.)
• Open the lid and place your CPAP mask in the chamber, with hose attached – either side works fine
• Close it up and the SoClean will operate according to its pre-set time and duration!


• The unit will not operate if the mask and hose are not in the chamber
• The mask should remain in the closed chamber for an additional 2 hours post-cleaning, as recommended on SoClean’s website and the user manual.

What are the Benefits?

There are many benefits to using a SoClean. The manufacturer lists some of these on their website, and you can find plenty of reviews and blogs online by CPAP users discussing the advantages of using the system. Among them:

• The SoClean destroys 99.9% of germs and bacteria (resulting in less respiratory illness)
• There are no harsh chemicals or water involved
• It’s convenient and (nearly) effortless cleaning
• There is no disassembly of CPAP parts required for use (and not initial assembly of unit itself!)
• It’s completely automated with pre-set wash cycles
• It’s very versatile: it can connect to various models of CPAP and BIPAP units (an adapter may be required)
• Easy cleaning: all that is required to clean the unit are semi-regularly wipe-downs to ensure dust does not collect and replacement of the filter kit every 6 months
• It is possible to use outside of the scheduled maintenance times: use the “manual” button – this does not affect the pre-set times

Is this worth the investment?

It’s important to consider your lifestyle and needs before investing in a SoClean. Those with busy routines may find extreme convenience in the pre-set cleaning schedule and minimal prep time. Patients have noted that having the SoClean has encouraged them to clean their equipment more regularly because the effort required is so little. This is important, as equipment that is not properly cleaned can lead to various issues, such as:

• Mineral accumulation in the humidifier
• Bacteria accumulation within the mask and tubing
• An unpleasant odor
• Presence of mold

We are all human, and sometimes, that extra convenience can be just what a lot of us need to push us to get things done. For those who are a little less busy (or a little more naturally motivated to clean), the SoClean may not be worth the extra cost. As always, whether you are using a SoClean or cleaning manually each day, keeping CPAP equipment clean and well maintained is essential to prevent illnesses and the complications mentioned above.

SoClean at DSR

If you are interested in speaking to one of our staff about the SoClean Sanitizing system, you can contact us by phone or e-mail, or stop by any one of our locations. We try to keep a few of these units in stock, but special orders may be placed at any time if we happen to be out. If you want to do some research before popping in, there are many online reviews where you can read more about real people’s experiences with this device!

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